what is esi

It is a revolutionary new material.

esi is an innovative complex metallic cluster that continuouly emits silver Ag+ and other ions. This emission of ions exerts an antimicrobial action on objects and the environment, disinfecting continously with complete safety and silence.

The antimicrobial action requires no source of power and it is guaranteed for over 10 years.

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what is esi

esi is an antivirus, antibacterial, and antifungal technology which uses the natural power of silver Ag + and other ions. The ions that are emitted interacts with humidity in the air killing germs that are suspended in the air and on surfaces and surounding objects, entirely naturally.

esi is a technology with uniquely innovative and revolutionary characteristics. It is produced in 3 power systems, which can be easily applied anywhere.

The emitters are lightweight, long-lived, and are resistant to corrosion and heat. The length of time required for the antimicrobial action depends on the choice of esi strength: esi-power, esi-pro and esi-point.

The system is completely chemical free.

esi is a technology that kills Coronavirus

The Coronavirus samples exposed to esi had the following results:

after 15 seconds of exposure the sample was reduced > 82%
after 2 hours of exposure the sample was reduced > 99%

* Tests performed without contact between the emitters and the viral suspension.

coronavirus 2

esi is antibacterial

esi has conducted multiple tests in order to prove ts action against bacterial loads. A selection of the most important experiments
are as follows:

Escherichia Coli (E. Coli), defined as a “nightmare bacteria” because of its resistant to antibiotics and the fact that it causes death in 50% of the cases of contagion. Exposure to esi for 24 hours completely eliminated the bacterial load.

Staphylococcus Aureus belonging to the same class 2 of HCoVSARS-2 is also very dangerous for humans. Exposure to esi for 24 hours completely eliminated the bacterial load.

Candida Albicans, a common fungus of the skin and mucous membranes. Exposure to esi for 24 hours completely eliminated
the bacterial load.

applications of esi


esi everyday

esi has created for the Riva Shipyard a multipurpose trunk with emitters which disinfects all the objects, shoes and clothing contained inside. An exclusive design with constant antimicrobial capacity.

esi object

The esi system is integrated into everyday objects so that it is present in everyday life. We have designed a collection of objects and accessories which put the comfort of cleanliness right at hand.

esi mask

Product description:
A lightweight, breathable mask made of a non-toxic double-layer
material, 65% polyester/35% cotton. There are two side and one interior central pockets for the insertion of the esi emitters and optional filter.

The kit consists of:
Mask with two elastic bands and two anti-coronavirus esi 2AM emitters.

The esi anti-coronavirus emitters, through the constant emission of silver and other metallic ions, perform a 24/7 disinfecting action which is antivirus, antibacterial, and antifungal. The unpleasant odors which typically develop after many hours of mask-wearing are not present in the esi mask. Personal care is at the center of attention for esi.

Air filter esi MESH4 (optional)
The mask has a central pocket where a special filter, the esi MESH4, may be inserted. This filter augments the mask’s anti-coronavirus action and greatly reduces any microbial load the wearer might inhale.

Surgical mask class 1 device
esi anti-coronavirus mask is Made in Italy

Holy Deer Urban Lodge
Piazza Navona, Rome

Custom Line Yachts – CL 106

using esi